testing two Banano clients

Can bananas power my Folding ???

May 29th, afternoon, I switched two MCO team cine.chris folding clients to the Banano team and client ID kkaghrjs7ruj.
I wanted to see how these crypto-folder accounts worked. As all processed WU are done with the FAH client, it was apparent that there was no impact to the Folding cause. Points from the redirected client would go to my Banano FAH account and not my established cine.chris client.

I’m not fond of those cryptic crypto IDs. (weak alliterative pun)
kkaghrjs7ruj is a very impersonal name. perhaps one step below my banano meme, two steps better than a QRcode or a code128 barcode.

It’s difficult to feel attachment to my banano monkey meme, I don’t smoke. Perhaps if he had a cine camera or bicycle, it would be different?

After three 12-hour accumulation cycles my Banano Vault says I’ve earned: 467.26 BANANO, with a current value of $10.74. (now $11.19 at 2:35 PM}

As I’m fortunate to have an industrial power cost basis (longish story), my first WAG at cost to generate the 36 hr of folding for those two clients was ~$3.02

So, at first whack, if those banano-coins can be converted to a hard currency or speculative crypto coin, then, my Folding GPUs might be running on potassium.

Banano is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency