Team Banano Steady Growth, massive JUMP

Working on the Top300 stats I happened to notice a group of high-scoring but cryptic names appearing.
I had just added the Team ID column to the Folding Top300 page.
Checking, these donors with cryptic names were all from team Banano…

Chart Courtesy of Extreme Over-Clocking

That’s an ~700 Million PPD jump!
Guess I need to add Banano to the Team Fast-Stats.
I counted over 20 donors in this group, running at or near, the Top100 level.

After generating the BANO team page, it appears that Team Banano might be benefitting from the current ‘mining craze’ based on high point rankings with low wu count. While mining isn’t popular with many Folders, it appears to be making a strong contribution to the cause. In-fact, the totals match the daily count, so I happened to have caught this higher scoring trend marker day one, or, they are creating new clients daily. New clients daily is a bad approach, as the FAH stats are already a cluttered 2.5 million record flat file.