I’m surrounded…

Earlier today my Folding points were a little below normal at #90 and I found myself (green) surrounded by coin folders.
How do I know?
Cryptic user names, high FAH rank# (19k) and daily #s match their cumulative totals (yellow), easy to check by the team number.
Today, Dogecoin was starting to show at the Top100 Folder level too.

I wasn’t sure about igrep and Kigali (blue) as they were in the Default Team 0 group.

By the next update cycle I was back to my usual point range of #70-ish at #75, feeling more comfortable, being surrounded by names that I recognized.

Secondary observation:
Fast Stats has a 5 million cumulative point cutoff.
Note that all these coin folders made that 5M cut.
Also, 19.9k rank level was the cutoff for active folders. That level will continue to move down throughout the day and more coin folders will make that cutoff and filter into the Top300.

Digging a little deeper, note the higher WU #s for most of these coin folders compared to ‘others’, Foxter more specifically at 23. A strong indication that they are NOT using much more energy efficient GPU compute platforms.