how fast, is fast?

I’ve been calling the team stats, ‘fast stats’.

How fast is it? On average ~90sec.
Start ==> published web pages.
That’s actual process time, more time is ‘spent’ waiting for the update process to complete and data to become available for download.

Yes, the FAH updates completion time drifts. When the updates are occurring in the last quarter hour, I process that update on the hour.

When updates are in the first three-quarters of the hour, they are tracked with a three-minute buffer from the previous timestamp. It can take up to 2 minutes for the FAH update process to complete from the time when the first line of the file, the timestamp, is written. I add on an additional one-minute buffer (3 minutes total) when Active Tracking the updates.

The image at the right is typical for the ‘worst case’… timestamp 14:47:54 GMT ==> published web page 10:01:26 GMT-5, just over 13 minutes. While Active Tracking this drops to 4-5 minutes.