dialing back, warmer weather or fold weary…

(originally posted in the Tech PowerUp forum)

Dialing back. Seeing a lot of that.
Most noticeable was Nvidia SaturnV, the former #2 folder, near and now at zero over the space of two weeks.
Most/all the LTT (Linus Tech Tips) high-flyers are now in the same neighborhood with @Jacky_BEL and @XZero450. (lower half of the Top100).

Crypto-Coin teams are now 3of5 for Top Active Folders (see photo)
With LTT declining and Bonano surging, it’s likely that LTT might be challenged for that #2 spot.
And TEC (Theta Edge Compute) started in early Nov of last yr, rocketing to that #5 Team spot and #3 donor!!
Of course, fads can fade just as quickly…

The one unnerving thing about the crypto-types is their names, or lack thereof.
Most TEC points are from a single Anonymous donor, Bonano is a hash of digits and CureCoin is a batch of digits with a cryptic name…
with names like that, they just don’t feel like they link back to real people.
Perhaps, this might be part of the reason why so many Folders are so negative toward the cryto-teams??