Welcome to FAHtech, we are focused on folding, a resource site for Folding at Home enthusiasts.

I started this site to share some hard to get data resources and aids for Folders.

  • terminated…
    The site has been terminated.
  • testing two Banano clients
    Can bananas power my Folding ??? May 29th, afternoon, I switched two MCO team cine.chris folding clients to the Banano team and client ID kkaghrjs7ruj.I wanted to see how these crypto-folder accounts worked. As all processed WU are done with the FAH client, it was apparent that there was no impact to the Folding cause.
  • banano caught Team0 today!
    I’ve been watching the rise of Team Banano and the cycles of TeamO point production. Today, TeamBanano caught Team0. It wasn’t too many weeks ago that Banano displaced LTT (Linus Tech Tips) as the #2 producer. Now, they are challenging for the #1 spot. Banano is still over 600 million shy on the 7 day
  • anonymous Team0 overall aggregate influence…
    The magnitude of the anonymous Team0 waves, mentioned in a previous post, are showing in the Aggregate Team Summary Data. Comparing the plotted data for both data sets (from EOC) the influence is apparent. Anonymous0 accounts for a significant portion of all FAH point production, about 4.5/22 or 20.4%. Thanks to @sptn for pointing this
  • Anonymous cycles
    I noticed what appeared to be a cyclic behavior in Anonymous Team0. Today, a Wednesday, Anonymous has shown a sharp increase in point production. Pulling a copy of the User chart from the EOC site, there was an obvious pattern developing after reaching their one-year low. Checking, this appears to be a weekly pattern, with